What To Do When Your Self-Esteem Needs Resuscitating


Whenever the time comes to appraise our self-worth, we often let our inner critic tell us we are worthless. We have no redeeming qualities, no future, nothing we do will ever be good enough and no one will ever love us. If this sounds like what your inner critic is telling you, it’s time for you to resuscitate your self-esteem. 


Silence your inner critic. Why do you indulge it in the first place? It has terrible taste. Not only can it see nothing of value within ourselves and thinks all of our decisions are bad, but it also thinks our favourite move has a convoluted plot, it wrote our favourite restaurant a scathing on Yelp and it hates all music. So why listen to the inner critic at all?

When you hear the inner critic starting to criticize, invite other voices to chime in. You might be surprised to find that your inner sous-chef, your inner beach lifeguard and/or your inner hot dog vendor have to say. Mostly, that you’re not the staggering idiot your inner critic would make you out to be. 

And remember this one thing:

Having high self-esteem is a high in of itself.

There are certain social constructs that forbid us from that tell us that we cannot opiate ourselves before noon. It is unbearable and the urges alone are terrible blows to our self-esteem. Acting on said urges are even worse. But there is nothing wrong with getting on your own self-esteem. You save money when you do, which alleviates stress making you feel yourself even more.

Trust in your inner sous chef and remember that you can get high any time off your own self-esteem and your self-esteem will be resuscitated in no time.

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