The Nicessist Guided Meditation 2: Release the Sad

Have you ever felt like your tear ducts are constipated?

Have you ever poured Ex-Lax in your eyeballs in hopes of getting out the sad? 

Don’t! It’s a fools errand. It gets the tears out but does it get the sad out? Personally, I’ve found that not only does it fail to get the sad out, it compounds the problem as that failure sparks new depths of self-loathing.

When we are sad, we must let it out. This is why we have recorded a guided meditation specifically for, whenever you are ready, releasing the sad that lives inside of you.

In this guided meditation, we journey to the bottom of the ocean and confront the lingering sadness ruining your life and celebrate a renewed sense of positivity with the sweet release of cleansing tears.

Get comfortable. Close your eyes. Clear your mind. Breathe. And click play…

What do you think?

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