Keep It In: Achieving Suitable Workplace Behaviour

Thanks Karen!
Thanks Karen!

Are you a single career woman? Would you like to become a highly effective participant in your workplace and life? Would you like to dress sensibly and keep a few discreet sachets of Crystal Light powder in your desk drawer to flavour your office water when you deserve to treat yourself?

Hello, my name is Karen and I am here to guide you in your journey toward a moderate to exceptional level of suitable career conduct. In this column, I will be combining personal experience and hard data to address topics such as: Socializing Acceptably in an Office Setting, Eating Couscous Salad Modestly at Group Lunches, Grooming Efficiently, Eradicating Unwanted Romantic Feelings in the Workplace, Choosing an Appropriate Amount of Family Photos to Display in Your Cubicle, Sublimating Hideous Thoughts Prior to Afternoon Meetings and Weeknight Casseroles to Prepare Alone.

A little bit about me: my life is functioning like a well-oiled machine. I work as an office administrator Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm and then I do leisure activities and sleep. After meeting me, many people remark silently to themselves: “Karen is a very well-adjusted and stable human being.” I pride myself on my ability to provide an appropriate level of visible emotional feedback to interpersonal stimuli. I floss my teeth every night and listen to barely audible talk radio when I’m cooking a nutritious low-carb chicken breast for myself in my condominium.

I am often asked: “how do you balance work and scheduled hobbies, while maintaining a chilling level of professionalism at all hours of the day?” I’m here to answer that question and more, and help you to become an effective employee with work-appropriate feelings and suitable personal interests.

So please join me in Keep(ing) It In!

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5 thoughts on “Keep It In: Achieving Suitable Workplace Behaviour

  1. I shall be taking well-organised notes of any future motivational posts to facilitate my re-entry into the workplace from my present situation as home-based social-media armchair-critic. Do you think I should junk my much-loved but well-worn house-clothes before any possible interviews?

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    1. I don’t want to speak for Karen but my first instinct is telling that tossing your clothes before any possible interviews is what you need to do as potential employers will interpret your inexplicable nudity as staggering confidence.


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