How Do You Define Happiness?

happiness concept

This question has been nibbling away at me for some time and it is particularly important that I find a satisfactory definition soon because I recently learned there is scientific research being done in Southern California that hopes to make happiness measureable and finite.

Cole, a professor of medicine and psychiatry at the University of California, Los Angeles, wrote this in an email to The Atlantic:

The old thinking was that our bodies were stable biological entities, fundamentally separate from the external world…But at the molecular level, our bodies turn out to be much more fluid and permeable to external influence than we realize.

There’s an intrinsic connection between our experience of life and the molecular function of our bodies.

Cole and his team of researchers at UCLA have found that happiness may be linked to the function of immune cells. But how exactly do our immune cells register this abstract concept of happiness? The answer depends on how “happiness” is defined.

My mind is blown. Not because there is an intrinsic connection between life at large and what goes on underneath a microscope, but because happiness can be defined? Astounding.

But how do you define happiness? 

I have no idea. Neither does Google’s dictionary function:



How do you define happiness?

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10 thoughts on “How Do You Define Happiness?

  1. Happiness? For me there is no absolute happiness.. There are many kinds of happiness, a happiness that you are contented, a happiness with youre companion etc. Happiness? For me, there is no real happiness because we are alienated, we dont even know if that happiness is real. Now a days, happiness is when you bought the latest iphone’s, when you watched youre favorite anime etc. That virtual happiness, that dont last forever. We all have that selfish happiness. But what about if we all have a universal happiness.

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      1. I guess it depends on the person. Maybe one person may find happiness when they’re with their family or another person may find it when they have their perfect job. I guess the reason we cannot define happiness is because we cannot generalize a definition because out of all of the people on this all, we each have our own way of defining and describing happiness.

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      1. Simple things most of the time are the best things. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly,what is essential is
        invisible to the eye. 🙂

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