The Nicessist’s Guided Meditation #1

nicessist guided meditation

It has come to our attention that meditation is a great way to release oneself from the chronic pain caused by thinking day-to-day. 

More importantly, there are thousands of guided meditations on YouTube with millions of views. A million YouTube views is approximately worth $7,600 in ad revenue, which is the kind of money we desperately covet need. Rather than sit idly by and get guided through a meditation by people presumably less deserving of ad revenue than us, we have recorded our very own guided meditation.

In this first attempt at a guided meditation, we hope to relieve your mind from any nagging angst, help you become more mindful, cut ourselves a piece of that ad revenue pie and maybe even become famous.

If you are not currently operating heavy machinery, please enjoy us leading you on a relaxing journey of self-improvement below. If you are currently operating heavy machinery, please stop reading this text and concentrate at the task at hand. 😘

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