Pam’s Parenting Blog #1 – I’m Really Doing This!

parenting blog
Hi I’m Pam!

Parenting’s tough… at every stage of the game! Let’s rap about it.

Hello world (wide web)!

My name is Pam and this is my very first blog post. I’m not much of a tech geek (it’s a MIRACLE I figured out how to work my Blackberry, hah hah) but my daughter spends so much time expressing herself in blog form online that I figured there must be something to it!

Uh oh, looks like I’m not very good at burying the lead. Were all those college journalism electives for nothing? I’m just kidding – I didn’t go to college! In fact, I went to university, which is what we call college up here in the Great White North. In Canada, college is more like an adult high school, somewhere you go when you’ve really messed things up academically. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great for slower learners who have a hard time with the good ol’ three Rs (reading, writing and ‘rhythmatic) and little but brute strength or a willingness to serve to offer the world at large – if you run into a handyman or a waitress in Canada, they probably went to college!

Anyway, as I was saying, yes, I am a proud mother with not one, but two children living right here at home, under my wing. If you’ve come to this page expecting parenting advice for young children, please know that there will be much of that in my posts to come. However, for my first few posts, I’ll be talking about kids who are a little bit older. Trust me, newbies – this info will very much come in handy later in life! My perspective will also be of use to any parent, young or experienced (we don’t use the “O” word in this house) as I have raised both a boy and a girl. I know – what are the odds? It’s been a tough, but rewarding, but very tough journey, to say the least. Do I think of myself as some sort of Superwoman? The answer is yes – in my experience, all working mothers do. What makes me a little different (and, in my mind, even more super than some, not to brag) is that it’s taking my kids a little longer to leave the nest than most. I’m over 50 (a woman never specifies her age, hah hah) and still juggling a career and hands-on motherhood. While it’s not exactly my dream life (if it is, George Clooney is suspiciously absent), I’ve got more than enough elbow grease up my sleeve to keep things running smoothly. Let’s be real here, folks – is there anything more a parent can really ask for?

Now it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. Like most women, I entered motherhood as a fierce lioness who loved her cubs to pieces and was willing to protect them from all the jungle’s predators – once a decade or so had passed, that resilience started to wane (NEWBIES TAKE NOTE, hah hah). While I continue to believe that children are the most beautiful gift anyone can ever receive from on high, I’ll be the first to tell you that they can be a real pain in the ass on occasion. And by “on occasion” I really mean most of the time. I’m just kidding, of course! They’re gems. But they can also be real jerks and totally inconsiderate… well, I’ll leave the rest of the words that could begin to describe my gripes to your imagination, hah hah. While we’re wired to protect our spawn from all life’s dangers, great and small, sometimes it’s better to leave them to their own devices. If you don’t let them soar early, they start to stagnate. On YOUR turf. Possibly forever. That longstanding dream of eating, praying, and loving your way through the Bahamas or Turks and Caicos after your kids embark on their own journeys of self discovery? Dead and gone. How’d you like them apples? Not too sweet, if you ask me. But make no mistake – I’m not bitter. I’m just spreading the word to those in need!

I’m perfectly content with my life to date. My daughter, Mandy, is very well versed in computers and technology and has skills in a growing field that will certainly come in handy when finding a job, assuming the time is right for her. While she is still young, it astounds me that the thought of a little extra pocket money doesn’t seem appealing. At her age, you’d think she’d be looking to go out to eat with friends or join buddies to catch a flick at the local movie theatre several times a week, but she seems more interested in commemorating her entire existence to floppy disk, or hard drive, or internet or wherever she posts her content. One of my greatest passions is preparing delicious, but always nutritious meals for myself and those around me, so you’d imagine that having constant company to cook for would bring a gal like me much satisfaction. But, alas, my kids aren’t all too keen on trying new foods. Mandy’s usually hopped up on Starbucks’ latest high calorie concoction, while my son Devon seems more interested in pizza than, well, anything else in his small universe, really! I guess this is when a date might come in handy! Any single dads out there reading this, get in touch, hah hah. But seriously, a bit of appreciative company may do me well.

Well, look at this, I’m rambling! Typical Pam. I guess that’s why they called me Ram Pam in high school. Well, look forward to some more concise (I promise!) parenting advice in the not-to-distant future. Leave a comment if you’d like me to address something specific in my next post! I can’t believe I’m doing this! We women really can have it all, can’t we!

Sincerely yours,

“Ram” Pam Francis Letellier

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5 thoughts on “Pam’s Parenting Blog #1 – I’m Really Doing This!

    1. Thank you, Hugo! I may not approve of all of Mandy’s actions (more on that next week, hah hah), but I am certainly fond of this whole blogging thing! IMO (in my opinion), I feel like the title of her platform could use a tweak (good luck getting a job with that sort of language in your portfolio) and I haven’t taken the time to read much, but from what I understand folks seem to like it! For that I am so very proud! Best keep my nose out of it for now, though – wouldn’t want to inhibit her creative self1

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  1. Hi Pam! Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed your wisdom and humor. I feel like the women and mom’s in the world need stick together more and lift eachother up! I am a mom of three young boys, it’s wonderful, but HARD at the same time. I also work full time;) feel free to check out my blog!


    1. Hey Gurl! Geez, I’m starting to sound a little like my daughter aren’t I, hah hah! Thank you for the kind words and I’ll be sure to check out your blog! THREE boys, huh? Sounds like a real handful! Sounds like we could both learn a thing or two from each other!


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