I’m Not Self-Conscious About My Beautiful, Perfectly Sculpted Legs Because of What It Means For My Brain’s Health

perfect legs brain health
Flexing my legs to perfection.

I’ve always been a little self-conscious of the fact that my legs are, for all intents and purposes, perfect. From thigh to calf, they are the type of legs that would make Adonis shout, “Damn! Look at those gams!” According to a new study, I have no reason to be burdened by my perfect legs because of what my beautiful, perfectly sculpted legs mean for my brain’s health. 

A team at King’s College London have found that older women who have strong legs are likely to fare better when it comes to ageing of the brain. For decades, they studied more than 300 twins and were able to determine leg power is a useful marker of whether someone is getting enough exercise to help keep their mind in good shape.

Exercise releases chemicals in the body that may boost elderly brains, say the scientists, in the journal Gerontology. They also say more research is needed to prove their hunch, but I think I speak for all of us when I say that more research will be necessary as we–the perfectly legged–are more than happy with the study’s results.

The researchers tracked the health of more than 150 pairs of twin sisters aged between 43 and 73 at the start of the study. Leg power was measured using a modified piece of gym equipment that measured both speed and power of leg extension, while brain power was measured using computerized tasks that tested memory and mental processing skills.

More often than not, the twin who had more leg power at the start of the study sustained their cognition better and had fewer brain changes associated with ageing measured after 10 years.

Even though I am not an older woman with a twin and Alzheimer’s societies are reluctant to say that there is a certain correlation between leg power and brain health later in life, I choose to accept this news as the compliment I’ve always wanted to hear, which is: “Your beautiful, perfectly sculpted legs (pictured above) don’t just make you a sexual object that everyone longs to touch, they are proof that you have a beautiful, perfectly sculpted, healthy mind and it’s why you will never have to worry about Alzheimer’s and you are perfect.”

If you want to ensure your brain is healthy later in life, put that book down you nerd and get squatting like a regular Jeff Seid.

[h/t: BBC]

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