yoooooooo wuddup?? im chillinnnnnnnnn hahahahahaah thx 4 askin lol jk my comments r worse than eva bc I cant even comment on tha foodie topic du jur in a way das ok 4 social bc it takes me liek 5+ yrs 2 hear bout it up in hur. PS I cant even get 2 my insta feed but liek can sum1 plz tell me how nelly’s doin lol jk IRRELLLLVZ MUCH???!!! That down by the baby rollecosta song was p sik tho tbh but also wut even is that? Wut does it even mean?

Time 4 sum real talk – as u can prob tell im soooooo fucken tired allt he fucken time bc we only get dinner 2x each week n dun even get 2 go 2 bed early when we dont have it which sounds fucken insane I no but its 4 a reason bigger than jus me or u or neone rlly. Not 2 sound liek my mom after 1 of her loserass BS yoga retreats, but I am startin 2 find my inner piece a lil bit n am getting more into learning wut this place has 2 offer. I dun need food 2 survive (well obv I do a lil lol but im talkin like psychology wise n stuff) its more bout believin in sumthin 2 keep u goin. If u dont got sumthin 2 believe in (LOL IM NOT A BELIEBER I SWEAR!!! Ok maybe 4 yrs ago but not 2day as a grownass woman but also HAS HIS NEW ALBUM DROPPED YET PLZ TELL ME) there is no raison 4 u 2 even b here in tha 1st place. Even tho lots of pplz are.

justin selena
i dunno who i wanna b more: justin, selena or the wich. ok u caught me he kinda hot i guess lololol but rn i feel liek that wich is hotter imma american pie that shit lol jk how wud a gurl even do that??????

SO, basicaly u got 2 options: get w the program n start makin things happen or move on. Loolololol I no that sound like im talkin bout DYING but if u no nethin about nethin u no thats a lil xtreme 4 my taste lol. SPOILER ALERT!!! DYING IS NOT FUCKEN YUM!!! Duhhhhhh 

N ok I been lookin bak on my blogs n have noticed a lil more tyops than usual but srs im tired so gimme a br8 lol ok im not dum enuff 2 think that actually works lol itd be brate not brake whoops. Ronda told me 2 focus on my writings bc as u can prob guess its kinda my callin/best mode 4 personal expression so imma try 2 make sum improvments on it maybe not sure. 

On a liter note, its been 2 or 3 days n my dumass roomie is nowere 2 be found THX GODDDDDDD I str8up (that works lol) hope she died n went 2 hell were she belongs (but im p sure she just switched rooms I dunno n I dun care). OMG I DINDT EAT HER FUCK OFF EWWWWW! Or did I 😛 ill never teeeeeeeeeelll (SHOUTOUT 2 BRITTNEY MURPHEY RIP GURL UR IN GODS HANDS NOW C U IN ETERNITI) I feel like ive heard her annoyin ass whinin around camp but mayb it was just RONDA’S BOYFRIEND TAKIN A SHHHHH lol u no liek wen shit’s in a song but 4 the vid they have 2 bleep it yet keep it kewl enuff 4 the artist approval. Basically im healthy (in mind n also bod but also its hard 2 tell bc theres only liek 2 mirrors in this place n we need permish 2 use them wich is like whats even the point of losin weight if u cant even see tha results lol) n happy (2day newayz) n glad 2 have her outta my fucken ass bc boy o boy was she ever irritatin it. Now that im zen AF I think ill say GOODNIGHT N FAIRWELL MY FOODIES FRENZ! REMEMBER THERE IS MORE 2 THIS LYF THAN U EVEN NO! IM LEARNIN!

What do you think?

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