Ok so 2 begin, I no they say its not ok 2 say ur starvin if u live in America or w/e but 4 real I am. liek my stomach don’t lie pplz. Lololol remember shakira??? Random sry but nethign 2 take my mind off the rumblings in my tumblings (also rando lol so now I am 4 n luv winnie the pooh). Mayb I should just roast Karen like the lil (n by lil I mean HUGE) piggy she is n eat like a queen for the rest of my entire lyf lol. i bet Ronda n her BF n all the other peeps here would be leik BOW DOWN. 4 real tho I dun get why ppl even talk 2 her. Apparently shes been here 4evz n has sum weird respect 4 no reason – LEIK OPEN UR EYES PPL SHE’S STILL FAT!! She obv is cheatin at this place somehow. I bet she aint even flatfooted or wutever the f she says 2 get out of work duty – o did I mention we have work duty yet? Its 10x worse than regular chores at home bc its usually outside building shit (THEY TRUST ME W POWER TOOLS LOL jus wait til I start pmsing theyll be like WTF did we jus do lol) or throwing shit out of the basement and there is A LOT OF SHIT IN THE BASEMENT! It literally never ends. I musta lost enuff weight by now but apparently I needa stay until I travel back in time 2 b4 I was born, come out a few yrs early as Mary Kate Olsen n stay under 80 pounds until im 30 or die w/e comes 1st.

SPEAKIN OF STARVIN I 4got I promised a lil rundown on lunch wich = barely existant BTW. 4 example 2 day we had wut the caf hos call “skinny lasagna”. Obv my perf skeletron w no heart mother has used ‘skinny’ recepes from tacky ass mom blogs b4 but this 1 rlly took the cake. OMG FUCKEN CAKE WUD BE SOOOOO GOOD RN OMG IM DYING JUS THINKING OF CAKE UUUGHHHHH I CANT EVEN!!! Wow ok Mandy stop being a fucken fatty loser freak n get bak 2 tha story lol u r such a fatass u cant even finish a sentence w/o losing ur shit over the word cake. O HERE I GO AGAIN!!!! AAAHHHHHHH!!! Jk jk im chill now I swear.


LIEK X-FUCKEN-SQUEEZ ME WUT DA FUQ IS THIS?!??!!?!?!!!!! *baaaaaarfffffffff*

SO YA SKINNY LASAGNA more like SMALL MOUND OF SHIT THROWN 2GETHER W SCRAPS FROM THE GARBAGE THAT NOBODY WANTED NOT EVEN THE GARD DOGS WHO EAT LIKE MOTHAFUKIN KINGS IN COMPARISON 2 US. 4 reals im pretty sure the ingredients are liek 5 sheets of thin as f cardboard, 1 cup h2o, juice of 1 tomato, regurged dog food n nutmeg or sum shit. Bake at -20 4 72 hrs n VOILA! U got urself a lasagna fit 4 Will & Kate… NOT!!! Wut a JOKE! 2 make matters even worse, I dun even like lasagna in the 1st place. Can u hear me cryin thru my words lol jk u cant do that in here bc then every1 will no u are weak. Jokes but also if things keep goin the way they r now, I mite just shank a bitch by next week im whippin a lil sumthin up as we speak jk but liek Natasha Bedington always said *** the future is unwritten ***


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