Newborn Baby Already Clear Frontrunner for 2048 Election

president baby

Despite the fact that there are still 400+ days before Election Day 2016, some Americans are already looking ahead to the 2048 election where a wunderkind newborn baby is already taking the polls by storm. 

Newborn baby Olivia Lewis-Hall may seem a tad too young to run a country today, but come 2048, she’s prepared to meet the challenge.

“After we brought her home, the only thing that would get her to stop crying was being bundled in the Old Glory,” mother Abigail Lewis-Hall told The Nicessist. “We immediately knew that it was a sign Olivia was going to be president someday. So we raised $5,000 and registered her as an official candidate with the FEC.” 

When asked whether or not it was too early for Olivia to be registered as an official candidate, mother Abigail replied, “Absolutely not. Campaigns are all run on brand recognition. By declaring her candidacy now, Americans have 33 years to get to know Olivia Lewis-Hall and what she’s all about. 33 years from now, they’ll be able to make an educated decision on whether or not they want her to lead our country.”

Speaking of which, what is the 2048 frontrunner all about? We got a chance to sit down with Ms Lewis-Hall to find that out.

When asked about the economy, she cooed and giggled. When asked about immigration, she stuck her tongue. When asked about climate change, she threw up all over herself. All of which were very cute but we’re not convinced that utilizing her cuteness to evade tough questions will sit well with voters.

That said, 2048’s race to the White House is hers to lose as she currently sits 60 points above her opponent fertilized zygote. 

Just no one point out that future President baby will not meet the minimum age requirement of 35 by 2048. It would really crush little Olivia and her family.

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