FUCKEN YUM: **these r my confessionz**

A lot of dum shit has gone down in tha last 2 weeks or so (for reals its been that long since u’ve heard my beautiful voice lol). Bc of the a4mentioned dumbass nonsense in my lyf, I felt the need 2 share a few more personal things w u all (LOL I SOUND SOOOO DESPERATE EWW). It’s time 2 get real — leik, REAL real. If u cant’ handle realness, I suggest you go read Harry Potter or sumthin n cry 2 ur momma wen it gets to the scary parts w Voldomordt bc ur probbaly just a lil bitch like that, undeserving of what a grownass woman leik myself has to xpress 2 the world. If ur willin 2 listen, remember that I’m ride or die – Ill pay u bak the favor sum day n then sum more. Le *sigh* – where do I even start?

1st – the name of this post. In case u didn’t catch it, the *s mean 2 suggest I was singin the whole thing bc the title is from a song called “CONFESSIONS PT 2” by Usher, who is super fucken YUM & a steamboat & if u dun think so ur probably a racist like my uncle Jerry, who is gay BTW so u think he’d understand oppreshin but he obv doesn’t. “Confession 2” is a song bout, well, confessing, aka lettin ur friends n luved ones know what ur deal is so they can help u out, hopefully w/o makin things weird. U no wat they say – only god can judge me. Shoutout 2 god im kinda Christian lol das my 1st confession 2 get the ball rollin nice n easy. From here on in, it gonna get harder.

2 weeks ago, my bitchass trader mom told me 2 stop eating my feelings. Needless 2 say, that day was NOT fucken yum. It was fucken YUCK. I told her that my TW n FB n Insta presence relied on it but she did not care. Not 1 bit. She an old bag who doesn’t get current events n issues facing young peeps today. NEWAYZ, she looked at me w her stupid/ugly/old/dated skeletor face n said (picture leik an old AF female ghost mixed w a kitchen sink trash compacter n a nast porn star yelling like they do) (lol dun ask how I no that) “AMANDA JOSEPHINE HUBERT LETELLIER, WE’RE GOING 2 GET 2 THE ROOT OF THIS PROBLEM WHETHER U LIKE IT OR NOT!!!!” 2 witch (lol get it?) I was like “FINE BITCH GET OFF MY FUCKEN ASS!!!” but w/o the bitch get off my fucken ass part bc I was obv already in trouble. Her answer 2 my socalled prob? Send me to this fucken fat camp.

4 the next lil while (I dunno how long but I no itll seem like literally 4eva) your patron saint of food stuff Mandy (me lol) will b reportin 2 u on food n life n HOW FUCKEN UNFAIR IT IS from the xtreme polar opposite of comfort of this hell on earth FAT CAMP. I am missin out on SO MUCH mostly bc the INTERNET here is so fucken bad n slow. Like, DRAKE dropped a new vid but I CANT EVEN WATCH IT BC IT WONT EVEN BEGIN 2 LOAD ON MY COMP HERE. WTFFFFF??!?!?!

drae hotline

i wud clik 4 more pics of DRAKE if my FUCKEN INTERNET WURKED!!!!! i bet the HLB vid is much better than jus the stills i been peepin

So, 2 sum up this weeek’s Ush-inspired confessions: my mom is a whorebitch prays 2 god every nite for her precious daughter 2 have anorexia or at least b gluten free. I am being in prisoned 4 NO REASON WHATSOEV. Im also becomin more dum n irrelevant w every passin day here bc I can barely use the internet n am loosing followers slowly but surely. CAN SUM1 SEND ME A FLOPPY DISK OF THE DRAKE VID BY CAREER PIDGEON LMFAO THAT’S THE ONLY WAY IM GONNA SEE IT.

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