Should We Vote?


Today’s the big day, Canada. It’s election day and we need to decide once and for all whether or not we should vote. 

Should we vote? 

It will make a difference if we vote, right? Not really. Maybe if we consider voting strategically. This country was bought and sold a long time ago. Just because they let us shuffle the sh*t around every 4 years or so doesn’t mean much, right?

Then again, voting gives us the right to complain, no? As George Carlin pointed out a long time ago, if you vote, you have helped elected dishonest, incompetent people into office who screw everything up. You voted them in, you have no right to complain. Those who did not vote, who stayed home on election day, have every right to complain about the mess because they had nothing to do with it.

So should we vote? 

Yes! Because politicians write policies for the people that vote. Even if your vote doesn’t go towards electing a representative to Parliament Hill, at least you’ll be counted in the “who voted” demographics. And since federal politics has become an endless cycle of unofficial campaigning, voting just this one time might force politicians to actually consider your voice and cater to your interests, which are presumably different than the interest of the 65 and up demographic that has been catered to since 2005. So please vote if only to test this hypothesis.

Besides, voting today will only get you primed for the next upcoming election. You heard it here first, folks. Liberal minority government. No confidence vote in less than two years. And then we’ll be getting courted by the parties all over again. But hey, maybe politicians will know not to waste your time with Islamaphobia and other nonsense next time. Vote today for a better election in two years.

And if you still need extra motivation to vote, John Oliver dedicated a segment to summarizing the long and arduous campaign so you can get all caught up before you go to the polls to spoil your ballot.

2 thoughts on “Should We Vote?

  1. Of course you should vote, how else can we rid ourselves of Harper. It took fifteen minutes of my day to exercise this privilege. Well worth the effort to give Canada a chance to recover from a decade of Harper.

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