How To Overcome Election Malaise

Sooooooo boring

It’s almost over. This insufferable slog of an election is almost over…

This election is the longest in Canadian history at 11 weeks. It officially began on August 4th, 2015–though we all know that it began a little bit before 😅–and it is totally natural to feel burnt out on all the pandering and posturing. 

In fact, you might say that it’s by the design. Let me ask you this: what are two things that characterize the youth of today? Left-leaning sensibilities and short attention spans. The former is bad for another Conservative government but the latter just might lead them back into office.

The people who are a sure shot to vote are the Old because they were raised in a time where going to vote was the best show in town. Marking an X on a slip of paper behind a cardboard wall still gets their heart rate up to the sweet spot (128 BMP). Anyone 44 and under can get up to 128 BMP just by sliding to unlock. 

So f*cking hot

Please don’t take that as an admonishment. It’s not. Being able to be entertained whenever, wherever is the best. Why would we live any other way? However, being constantly entertained comes with a price. We get bored by the same stimuli quicker. 11+ weeks of coverage and your brain naturally turns it into white noise to make more space. It’s science. It’s all very science.

So when you find yourself hearing a spectral density where election news used to be, here’s what you need to do:


Do something daring when you are looking at election coverage, like zip-lining or bungee jumping. When you get your adrenaline going when you are reading up on the election, you automatically feel more passion towards new developments in the election.

Replacing a hum-drum election update with a thrilling, death-defying election update is a surefire way to keep the election from becoming background white noise.


The Conservatives are counting on left-leaning, easily-bored youths to forget about voting so that the Old can usher in another Harper mandate. However, what they did not anticipate was the youth taking dry election coverage to the extreme and making it as thrilling as it used to be.

2 thoughts on “How To Overcome Election Malaise

  1. We are constantly told to vote and if we don’t then we are told we have no right to complain. Problem is I vote and nothing ever gets fixed. So I complain. And vote. And the circle remains unbroken…

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