The NSA Made You Some E-Cards Because They Love You

The National Security Agency created a line of love notes/e-cards to send your friends on Love Note Day, which apparently was on September 26th. They are totally real and have been in no way embellished for comedic effect. 

NSA ecard

I thought love meant withholding…

NSA ecard

The puzzle is a word jumble. Enjoy: “WE-ARE-SYPING-ON-YOU”

NSA love

Can’t the NSA send me some info about my crush so love can be a little less unexpected?

NSA love

I’d rather read a million Bazooka Joe comics, thanks.


Make sure your networks wear a condom.


Unless it’s hot, taboo NSA-on-puppy love, I’m not interested!

The strangest thing about this NSA e-card initiative has to be that they must know everyone thinks e-cards are a nuisance, yet they went ahead with it anyway. Are we to believe that the NSA’s been collecting massive amounts of our personal data only to ignore it at all? Let’s hope so.

Let’s also hope that this post shaming the NSA e-card initiative makes them spend less on spying on regular citizens and invest in a better graphics department because these e-cards are weak.

7 thoughts on “The NSA Made You Some E-Cards Because They Love You

  1. These can’t be real, can they? I don’t know what I want more right now- for you to have come up with a genius prank or for these to actually be true. Imagine how many people had to sign off on this if they are real. And nobody put their hand up and called bullshit. Wow.

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