FAQ’d by Shaq: Swim

FAQ by Shaq #11. Resident expert Shaq MacNeil answers the most frequently asked questions about the #1 most invigorating activity: swim.


Shaq, who do swim?

Great question.

A lot of things do swim. Fish do swim. Bird do swim. Dog do swim. Human do swim too.

Shaq, why do swim?

Great question.

Swim is great for the body. It’s one of the least strenuous workouts, it tones your muscles, improves your flexibility, clears your asthma and it even removes all your body hair if you get really good at it.

Plus, doing swim is a cheap way of feeling like you’re in 0Gs. Some pools are free. So much more cost effective than those $120 weightless workshops zero g planes charge.

Shaq, how do you no drown when you do swim?

Great question.

You no drown when swim by keeping your air holes above the water. You can do this by tread water, by float or by not going deeper than waist-deep.

Shaq, where is the best place to do swim?

Great question.

It’s totally subjective!

Some people love swim in pools because of chlorine’s deep-cleaning properties.
Some people hate swim in pools because they forgot their trunks at home.
Some people love swim in natural bodies of water because it’s like being one with nature.
Some people hate swim in natural bodies of water because it’s too scary when seaweeds brush against the bottoms of your feets.

Shaq, do I know how to do swim?

Great question.

There’s only one way to find out! Next time you find yourself next to some water, jump in!

Shaq, how long do I need to wait after eating before I do swim?

Great question.

The myth is that you have to wait at least 30 minutes after eating before you can do swim. This is because people thought at doing swim on full stomach will make you cramp and drown. That’s not necessarily true but it’s better to err of caution because doing a belly-flop on a full stomach will cause you to explode.

Here’s a tip for those of you who don’t have time to wait 30 minutes after eating: eat in the water! 

So Shaq, what now?

Great question.

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