Food: it’s not something we enjoy.

But since we have to eat it at least once a day, we might as well find out what’s FUCKEN’ YUM.

ugh, soup! where do i begin? think bout how many times u been forced into having a big bowl of nast-ass soup when u least wanna have one. considering peeps get sick approx 2-3 times per year (based on studies if u dont believe me google it n stop waisting my time hater) thats at V LEAST 2-3 bowls of groooossssssss n nast unwanted soup per person per year. tragic is an understatement. soup is overrated as FUK esp when ur sick – peeps think its some like magical tool to good health but (insert bad kind of buzzer sound here lol) WRONG! like fucken read a book for once n get a lyfe n try to talk 2 sum1 knowledgable about science you dumbass. ughghghgh its just so frustratin that ppl have this high n mighty opinion of what in the end is just like a fatass bowl of garbagy water. some foodies are into cold soup but liek they are obv LYING bc ppl think its cool to like something that is the opposite of what its supposed to be. SOOOOOO ALT CONGRATS ENJOI UR EDGY DISGUSTING WANNA BE SMOOTHIE POSERS. 


“wanna shar this soup w me” – ryan gosling. “IN UR DREAMS” – me

like thats how much soup sux

VERDICT: soup is NOT FUCKEN YUM obv. liek sometimes its ok but like yum? NEVER. in case u cant tell i been sick all week n all my mom will give me 2 eat is stup. i mean soup lol freudian slip much? oh ya did i tell u i am thinkin of studying 2 be a pychologist i been readin like a mf lol

What do you think?

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