Fucken’ Yum: Margaritas – Yum or Ew? The Answer Will Shock U

hello n welcome 2 FUCKEN’ YUM, a column written by foodies (well 1 foodie newayz, MOI!) 4 foodies about all things FOOD, durrr!

before we start i got 2 take care of sum biznasssss bc no 1 gives a S***T bout writing w/o knowing a lil bit about the man behind the mask, so 2 speak. So, ABOUT ME: my name is Amanda (u can call me mandy if you MUST but i kinda dropped that nickname a while back) i’m X years old (a lady never reveals her age lol) and, most importantly, i have a BANGING PALETTE. thats all 4 now.



am i old enuff to drink these legit? i’ll never tell heehee. jk i will be liek 30 next week. lol jk again i’m funny like that if you were my friend you know that i’m always joshin around and thinkin about starting a YouTube channel about it. what do u think? jk again this is MY column who cares what you think!

ok, back 2 basics – MARGARITAS aka the fountain of youth as my mom calls them (lol she is so weird like what is that). if you’ve never had a margarita b4 take my advice and get one NOW! you needed one like YESTERDAY i don’t care if ur 4 or 44 you gotta taste it. as evidenced in the photo above, there are many types of margs in existence across america – i found it on wiki so u know its legit.

i had one sip of a standard one at my cousin’s wedding last summer and was like BAM this is officially my life now. it was that good. not all bars will have them bc it takes an in house expert to prep them the right way – the rest will just pour a Bud Limerita into a glass and assume u wont know the diff. but if ur a foodie like me (and im guessing you are bc you are readin this now lol) you totally will. 

VERDICT: FUCKEN YUM. like, maybe fucken yummer than anything else. 

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